Hey gang~!! It's been a wild and wacky year and the passage of the vernal equinox surely means even more good times ahead~!! Let's get this world party started earth humans~!!

ITEM~!!: UltraMantis returns to his old stampin grounds of Allentown, Pennsylvania; North American Continent; EARTH as CHIKARA PRO blows up at St. John's Auditorium on November 9. Then, just 7 days later, CHIKARA PRO is back in Allentown. same time, same place. 7 days after this marks the return to Palo Alto, PA, US region, North American Continent, EARTH at the Palo Alto Firefighting Hall on November 21. Monetary admission into all shows is a paltry five American dollars.


UltraMantis and Mister ZERO get themselves caught up in a zany game of tic-tac-toe?! Believe it! These crazy but loveable rapscallions are at it again in their seemingly never-ending rivalry both in and out of the ring. Test you skill at placing variables within a nine sectored grid. Become a part of the feud as you assume the role of Mister ZERO and face off against the Mantis one-on-one, in what we here at the internet like to call - Chik Tac Toe!!

Play CHIK-TAC-TOE now!!



ITEM~!!: Mantis will be appearing in the C-Pro's inaugural "Young Lion's Cup" torunament beginning in the month of November. The winner of this tournament will win both a young lion and a cup. The tournament starts November 9 and continues November 16.


Inside the Inner Ear of a Praying Mantis...
Ever wonder what a professional wrestling half-insect, half-superhero, half-mathmatecian listens to while relaxing on the third moon of Jupiter? No? Well here's what the Mantis has been listening to this month:
1. _____________ - "-------- -- -------"
2. rTT6eeeee% 000000M - "7UuUii77iu7"
3. Joy Division - "Power, Corruption, and Lies"
4. YYYYYYYYYY&&&&& - " 1"
5. =``:'\,<//-###^`^`^* - "`*~*~`+*****"


ITEM~!!: Indubitably



It's back on the scene and spinning out of control again~! Who can figure out such devices~? Try your luck~!





Every month (or so) UltraMantis will review the latest movies right here~!! What will he have to say? Thumbs up or thorax down? Let's take a look at this month's reviews~!

1. BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE - Didn't see it.

2. THE SANTA CLAUSE 2 - Didn't see it.

3. HARRY POTTER - Fell asleep.


Check us out next time for more exciting reviews from the mind of the Mantis~!!


Super Puroresu Pong~!!

That wacky Asian nut Ebessan, famed of song and story, has challenged UltraMantis to a friendly game of Pong and Mantis needs your help! Although they've found an adequate playing field and ball (the inflated corporate head of Mister ZERO), UltraMantis has developed an acute case of diptheria and just doesn't have the necessary vim and vigor to last through a grueling round of video pixilated ping pong. Help Mantis one-up that rambunctious Japanese protector of basic livelihoods and diety of successful business!!

Click here to take the Super Puroresu Pong Challenge!


FUN FACT~!!! : The UltraMantis wears size 11 boots.


Q: What do you get when you cross a praying mantis with a terodactyl?
A: Nothing. Cross-breeding of species is a zoological anamoly which can only occur when gestation cycles match DNA replication periods. Also, dinosaurs don't exist.



In this issue of MYSTERY DETECTIVE, our missing person is a well-known character on the independent professional wrestling scene. A great dancer and a snappy dresser. Use your magic flashlight to find him and reveal his identity~!!

(Click on the flashlight to the right and begin exploring.)









Did you figure out this month's mystery man? The Mantis is proud of you~!!



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