The following are alternate variations of cover artwork for the Smart Mark Video, Inc home video release titled Strangeways, Here We Come: The UltraMantis Black Adventure. This feature is part of SMV's compliation series, Best on the Indies. This artwork is free and readily available for download and printing if you have purchased the media from SMV. These files have been created at 300dpi and are in the PDF format. They display best when printed in color on 8.5”x14” (216mm x 356mm) legal paper. To order the original DVD media of this title, please patronize the good people at Smart Mark Video who play a role in keeping independent professional wrestling alive in 2012/2013/2014 and so on. If these cover variations do not suit your aesthetic taste, please feel free to create your own artwork.


Alternate Cover #1: Homage to the Album Cover Artwork of Steven Patrick Morrissey (92.6 MB)


Alternate Cover #2: Unholy Impaled Moonforest in the Northern Sky (90.9 MB)